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Lovely London - Rich in history

Hiya love! Hi there!

My 2nd daughter, Sarah, went to graduate school at the University of London and completed a Masters in Anthropology and Political Science.   I went to visit her for her graduation.  I had never been to the UK even though I had lived in Germany for 3 years with the military.  It was just too expensive to cross the channel back then.  So I was excited about this trip. I love traveling where they speak a different language so it was interesting to see how it would be where they simply spoke a different version of English.  What fun!  There were times I didn't even understand what others were saying and my daughter would "translate" for me!  
The thing I loved most about London was all the history.  I found myself immersed with the stories behind everything.  Each night I would read about where I had been and where I was going.  Such a rich history, both beautiful and disturbing. Most of the museums in London are free, so it is a great way to explore wi…