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Language Lab Night

Bring your laptop and try out language software in: French – Spanish – German – Italian Russian – Japanese – Chinese - Arabic  And more!!    
Private language tutoring is also available by appointment.
$50 per hour
also available for online tutoring through
Learn how to:
 *Take a language online for High School or College credit *Access hundreds of languages and courses online  *Connect to language partners around the world  *Discover Language Travel opportunities
Instructor, Donna Lansberry, currently teaches French and Spanish in the Everett School District.  She recently taught languages in Korea for the Department of Defense, training language teachers in technology from international schools and Department of Defense Schools all over Korea.  She has taught language exploratory for eight languages:  French, Spanish, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, Japanese, and American Sign Language.  In addition, she taught French, Tahitian and Rarotongan Maori for the LD…