Spectacular Spain - Teacher Travel

Cómo estáis vosotros?
How are you (all)?

Summer 2017, I had a teacher scholarship to go to Spain for Spanish language training.  It was through a wonderful program at Tia Tula at the Universidad de Salamanca.  It was an amazing experience. Several of my friends and daughter joined me or met up with me for part of the journey.  Sarah, Jodi, Barbara, Judy, Margarita, Loren, Kendall and her husband, Beth and her husband.  We explored Madrid, Salamanca, Barcelona, and Granada.   I loved it all but especially the Universidad de Salamanca.  An amazing historical 800 year old University. Exploring Spain with friends and teachers gave us a personal connection and perspective that brought the entire experience to life.
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Lovely London - Rich in history

Hiya love! Hi there!

My 2nd daughter, Sarah, went to graduate school at the University of London and completed a Masters in Anthropology and Political Science.   I went to visit her for her graduation.  I had never been to the UK even though I had lived in Germany for 3 years with the military.  It was just too expensive to cross the channel back then.  So I was excited about this trip. I love traveling where they speak a different language so it was interesting to see how it would be where they simply spoke a different version of English.  What fun!  There were times I didn't even understand what others were saying and my daughter would "translate" for me!  
The thing I loved most about London was all the history.  I found myself immersed with the stories behind everything.  Each night I would read about where I had been and where I was going.  Such a rich history, both beautiful and disturbing. Most of the museums in London are free, so it is a great way to explore wi…

Paris Perfection - 50th Birthday

La vie est belle! Life is beautiful!
My friend, Jodi, turned 50 in 2008, so we left behind family and went to Paris.  The ultimate girls getaway.  Paris is full of perfect moments, visiting the Eiffel tower, climbing up to the bell tower in Notre Dame, going on a night river cruise down the Seine, and eating the perfect crêpe at a streetside stand.   Yes, it is crowded and hectic.  Some areas have long lines and impatient clerks, but those moments, those perfect moments, give Paris it's reputation as such an amazing place.   For Jodi's 50th birthday, we indulged and had a leisure three hour lunch in the Eiffel Tower at 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant. The food was amazing and beautiful.  The service was sublime.  For a few short hours, we felt like we were at the top of the world.  Then we went to the Paris Opera.  My French came in really handy when a sweet older lady at the ticket office got us same day tickets after I explained about us being there for my friend's 50th birth…

Chichen Itza - Mayan Magic

Bix a bèel? ¿Cómo estás? How are you?
I spent three weeks in the Yucatán as a volunteer English teacher with my friend, Jodi,who is also a teacher.  We worked for Hacienda Chichen, a four star resort, teaching their staff of Mayans.  It was a fascinating adventure into the magic of Mayan culture and their rich history.  Visiting during the summer of 2012, made it extra exciting.  Many around the world were wondering about what would happen when the Mayan calendar ended.  We became friends with a Mayan Shaman who told us that the world would not end, but the world would come into greater understanding and kindness.  The Mayan people were kind and friendly.  I was startled by the difference in the standard of living of these people and the tourist who passed through.  The inequity was dramatic.  It was a privilege to volunteer and try and help their community.  I gained much more from them though through my experience.  
Hacienda Chichen

Québec City - Gem of North America

Bonjour!  Je me souviens. Hello!  I remember. 
Québec is probably the best kept secret in North America. What a gem!  I have traveled all over Europe and Asia, but I found Québec City to be so charming and so French!  I am a High School French and Spanish teacher and was thrilled to use my French. The people were so warm and friendly.  I fell in love with the quaint old city that began in 1608. The historical walled city was fascinating and easy to explore.  The traditional food was fabulous.  My favorite restaurant was "Le Lapin Sauté", a quaint old restaurant that served great dishes of rabbit and duck, along with delicious traditional desserts.   "Je me souviens" is the motto of Québec.  I will always remember Québec and definitely visit again.

Québec Toursim

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Instructor, Donna Lansberry, currently teaches French and Spanish in the Everett School District.  She recently taught languages in Korea for the Department of Defense, training language teachers in technology from international schools and Department of Defense Schools all over Korea.  She has taught language exploratory for eight languages:  French, Spanish, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, Japanese, and American Sign Language.  In addition, she taught French, Tahitian and Rarotongan Maori for the LD…