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Korea - Learning Korean

Anyanghaseyeo!   Hello!
In 2005, I was offered a position with the US Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DODDS)  to teach French and Spanish to the children of American military at Osan American High School (OAHS) in South Korea.  I had applied with DODDS several months before because I had missed military life.  When I got the offer, I eagerly accepted.  I moved to Korea with my two youngest daughters.  Rebekah for her senior year of high school and Hannah was a new 7th grader.  Rebekah had taken three years of Japanese and had wanted to go to Asia.  Hannah had mixed feelings but was up for the adventure. 
Korea turned out to be a fascinating, beautiful, busy and at times overwhelming place.  We loved the culture, people, food, and country.  Although I'm a linguist, starting a new totally foreign language after the age of 50 proved to be more challenging that I had hoped.  Korean was so different from any language I had studied.  I studied the language and would do well …

Germany - Learning German

Guten tag!  Good day!
After graduating from BYU with a B.A. in languages, I joined the US Air Force.  I went to Officer Training School in Texas, then Intellingence school in Colorado, then I was sent to Kindsbach, West Germany.  It was during the Cold War.   Germany was still a divided country and the prospect of reunification seemed unimaginable at the time.  My first job was working in an underground bunker monitoring soviet air activity over Czechoslovakia.  It was a NATO operation, so I worked with military from the US, West Germany and France.  I really enjoyed being in an international setting.
I loved Germany.  I was stationed there for three years.  The language seemed fairly easy to pick up and understand.  The grammar was more of a challenge, but I only took one class and picked up the rest on my own.  I now wish I would have studied it more.    I was pretty busy working long hours as a new young intelligence officer and as a new bride.  I had met and married in Denver be…